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Ningbo Anchuang Electronic Technology Co.


               Manager Ge


Website:  en.alouc-industry.com 

Address: No.666 Zhongxing East Road, Xikou Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: To be an innovative company in the automotive electronics and high-end sensor industry.

Mission: To create core technologies and cast high quality products.

Values: Respect for technology, talent, capital and market.

Four Respects

The company's four respects are "respect for science and technology, respect for the market, respect for talent and respect for capital". To achieve the vision of the company, we must respect the legal system, abide by the laws and rules, and know how to respect science and technology, scientific development and seek truth from facts.

Technology, market, talent and capital will determine the realization of the company's value and its development and growth. The four respects will lead the company's team and decision makers to the company's goal and vision, and adhering to the four respects as the core, keeping in mind the company's mission, is the fundamental guideline for the lifelong struggle of Anchor people!

Respect for technology: The company's products must be technology-based, and the direction of research and development must be innovative in the industry or in the same category.

Respect for the market: the products must be researched and developed according to the market demand, and the products must be upgraded and replaced around the market.

Respect for talent: talent is an indispensable resource for the company, whoever creates value enjoys the well-being is the company's distribution principle, and not letting Lei Feng suffer is the company's distribution system.

Respect for capital: creating value, rewarding shareholders and respecting investors are the cornerstones of the company's development. Anchor will take this as the cornerstone and work with employees and shareholders to complete its mission.

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