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Introduction to high pressure fuel pump manufacturers: High pressure fuel pump for mines

2022-01-13 21:07:29

      The utility model patent announces a mine electric type oil injector, including the explosion-proof motor, oil tank and oil injector located in the oil tank, the oil road is equipped with hydraulic reversing valve, the explosion-proof motor output shaft is connected to the oil injector according to the reducer, the above explosion-proof motor housing is an aluminum alloy profile outer shell, the above outer shell is equipped with a rocker, the handle is equipped with a manual power switch. The utility model patent taken by the explosion-proof motor is updated and transformed by the mine coal chemical drill, special type guardrail on the design scheme can be arbitrary movement of the manual power switch, manual power switch can be moved with the explosion-proof electric oil pump, high-temperature oil pump is convenient for actual operation. And in the mine can be run at any time and work anywhere and stop work. In addition, the reducer shell, oil tank and other design solutions are effective and compact, so that the net weight of all electric oil pumps is greatly relieved, prompting the actual operation of the mine staff to interrupt work to install and move the machine is very easy. With today's rapid progress in industrial production technology, excellent power mining machines and equipment in the coal industry continue to get high pressure gear pump widely used, must be stipulated with the mechanical parts immediately intact repair and maintenance, conducive to the production and manufacturing work of high efficiency, and some equipment components disassembly difficult, the general jack item is very difficult this work. According to the practical activities, a small size, high working pressure, light weight, simple structure, the actual dry oil pump operation security of the use of super injector, to provide a large degree of convenience in the maintenance work, a strong guarantee of fine coal production and manufacturing.

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