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Detailed description of YCB automotive high pressure fuel pump

2022-01-13 21:46:31

    YCB electric high-pressure oil pump choose double arc plus sine curve compound into tooth type, can completely replace the involute gear transfer pump. The key to this series of electric high pressure oil pumps are the transmission gear, shaft, pump casing, pump cover, roller bearing, bearing end cap seal, etc. The pump is equipped with a valve for overweight maintenance, the valve full flow back to the working pressure is 1.5 times the rated value of the pump discharge working pressure. It can also be adjusted according to the specific needs within the scope of the allowable discharge pressure. But pay attention to the high pressure gear oil pump this valve can not be used as a regulator in long-term work, when necessary, can be installed in the pipeline road again.

    Product characteristics.

    -Circular arc gear pump has high efficiency, low noise, and has a good energy-saving and environmental protection practical effect.

    -No damage to the tooth surface, stable operation, no due to liquid condition, low noise, long service life and high efficiency.

    -YCB arc pump in addition to equipped with general motor, high temperature oil pump manufacturers can also be equipped with the same specification model explosion-proof fan according to customer must.

    -The pump shaft end seal design scheme is two ways, one is mechanical seal, one is rotary seal, according to the actual application condition and customer demand clear.

    Main uses of commodities.

    -YCB arc pump can be used as transmission and booster pump in oil pipeline system software.

    -In the gas and diesel system software, it can be used as a high pressure oil pump for transporting, filling and spraying.

    -Hydraulic oil pumps for hydraulic pressure in hydraulic transmission systems.

    -The oil pump series can be used as a lubricant pump in all industrial production industries.


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