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High pressure fuel pump manufacturers view on ZYB high pressure fuel pump

2022-01-13 21:51:42

    ZYB electric type high pressure oil pump is a sealed wetting type, with automatic gap adjustment structure, and the parts are made of high metal composite material. ZYB-B type variable pressure high pressure residual oil pump is improved from the original ZYB type residual oil pump. The key components are made of high quality metal composite materials, which have high strength and intensity after heat treatment process. The structure of the low-pressure oil pump uses a variety of original hydraulic transmission balanced technology, which makes the pump work in high pressure with high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation and long test pressure time. The gap can be adjusted according to the external adjustment structure of the pump cover, so that the pressure of the pump can be repaired, and can be adjusted for many times. Therefore, it is 5-10 times longer than the use period of general gear oil pumps. The high temperature oil pump manufacturer is really innovative in China and has achieved a high standard in the same industry in various countries.

    Product characteristics.

    -In the transport of liquid with residue places, the working life of small hot oil pump is more than 10 times longer than the general gear oil pump.

    -The long service life of the pump and the stable working pressure can be demonstrated when transporting substances that have been moistened without impurities.

    -The structure type uses a variety of original hydraulic drive balanced technology, which makes the pump high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation and long test pressure time in high pressure work.

    Main uses of the product.

    -Applicable to places where steady pressure is required and where long-term continuous operation is required, e.g. ultra-powerful air intake systems.

    -Particularly suitable for the spraying of petrol and diesel fuel in crude oil, chemical plants, grain, oil and foodstuffs, decoration and building materials, daily organic chemicals, road construction, power engineering and asphalt mixing plant units and fields.

    -Variable pressure Korakan residual oil pump is suitable for transporting substances with a temperature of not more than 200°C and a viscosity of not more than 1500 mm2/S with non-metallic material residues of fuel oil, diesel, medium temperature coal tar and other types of low-end shoddy point fuel oil, etc.


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