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Main application: automotive high pressure fuel pump

2022-01-13 22:13:34

    The G series electric high pressure oil pump is a new type of pump working with the basic concept of volumetric type, the important prefabricated components are the load ball screw (motor) and the fixed coupling (motor rotor). Due to the distinctive geometry pattern of the two prefabricated components, they respectively cause an immediate airtight cavity, chemical substances are uniformly implemented by tangential circulation, the internal mobility rate of the ultra-high pressure hydraulic pump is low, the noise is low, the volume does not change, the pressure is stable, thus it is not easy to cause vortex effect and mixing, and chemical substances are not easily damaged by the original structure. Because the motor rotor is made of a variety of plastic materials, so the sunshine pump industry acid and alkali resistant magnetic pump for high viscosity liquid transport and contains hard suspended fine particles of chemical substances or contains synthetic fiber chemical substances, oil pump factory has the characteristics of the general pump species can not serve. The flow rate of high temperature resistant gear oil pump is proportional to the transmission ratio.

    Main applications.

    -Petrochemical industry: thick oil transportation, natural gas mixing, oil and gas separator and waste oil recovery system, etc.

    -Chemical enterprises and biopharmaceuticals: all kinds of muddy substances, emulsions, mixed liquids, etc.

    -Environmental protection equipment projects: all kinds of sewage transport, desiccated sludge transport, water treatment flocculant and its analysis chemical measurement and testing plus etc.

    -Natural resource construction projects: production equipment for titanium dioxide, porcelain clay, calcium carbonate, etc.

    -Food industry: dairy products, fruit juices, fruit purees, vegetable sauces, beer sprinkles, etc.

    -Paper industry: raw material machinery and equipment, pulp making and waste water treatment, etc.


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