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High pressure fuel pump manufacturer using high pressure fuel pump instructions

2022-01-13 22:37:34

    High-pressure oil pump manufacturer, high-pressure oil pump manufacturer for the transport of grease in the air intake system of a wide range of industrial equipment.

    Areas of application.

    Suitable for transporting all kinds of wettability liquid, temperature not higher than 70℃, if need high temperature 200℃, with Shanghai sunshine pump industry contact can apply high temperature resistant paint can, viscosity for 5×10-5 ~ 1.5×10-3m2/s. Not feel for transporting corrosive, containing hard particles or chemical fiber, relatively high evaporation or open flash point low liquid, such as car gasoline, stupid, etc.. In addition to the general motor, it can also be equipped with explosion-proof fans of the same type according to the customer's requirements.

    Operating instructions.

    -Before starting to check whether the pump shaft rotation is flexible, there is no jamming condition, whether the gate valve on the import and export trade pipeline can be opened, and whether the pump rotation orientation is appropriate.

    -A certain amount of lubricant should be introduced into the pump cavity before starting the pump which has not been used for a long time, in order to reduce the dry friction of the pump in the whole process of pumping oil and to enhance the self-priming characteristics of the pump.

    -If there is abnormal noise or over-temperature condition after starting the pump, it should be stopped and checked immediately.

    -Check the pump shaft end for leakage, such as: tighten the compression cover as much as possible for the rotary seal, other sealing should be disassembled and checked.

    -If the transport of rolling oil, in the drive to be evenly heated, preheating is the use of the transported material continues to be carried out according to the pump casing.

    -Heating specification: the suction inlet temperature must not be higher than the pump casing temperature of 40°C, the heating of the lifting temperature rate is regulated at less than 40°C / hour, the screws that fix the immovable pump casing should be loosened during heating, the heating is over and it will be twisted tightly.

    In the whole process of heating, special attention should be paid to observe and check the operation of the pump, once the safety risks are found, the pump should be stopped immediately for inspection.

    -When shutting down the gear oil pump, first disconnect the power switch, then turn off the gate valve on the import and export trade line to prevent the pump from reversing.

    -When the pump has been applied for a long time and the total working pressure and flow rate has been significantly reduced, the pump should be dismantled for inspection and the damaged parts should be removed and replaced.


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