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Main application:Automotive high pressure fuel pump

2022-01-13 22:48:00

    YG high-pressure oil pump manufacturer, is by the enterprise scientific research personnel United Nations organization centrifugal water pump authoritative experts use outstanding hydroelectric power generation entity model, choose IS type centrifugal water pump technical parameters, in the general column type pump on the basis of reasonable composition design program made. At the same time according to the application temperature, material and so on different in ISG type basic arrangement applicable to open water, high temperature, corrosion resistant pump, gasoline pump. The product series has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, low noise and stable characteristics.

    Commodity characteristics.

    -The pump is a column structure, the import and export trade specifications are the same, and is located in the same axis, can be installed in the pipeline like a gate valve.

    -The centrifugal impeller is immediately installed on the shortened shaft of the motor, with a short radial specification, the diesel engine high pressure oil pump is compact and beautiful, occupying a small total area, with low capital investment in construction.

    -The pump and motor bearings are effectively equipped to efficiently balance the tangential and radial loads caused by pump operation, thus ensuring stable pump operation, low vibration and low noise.

    -Pump seal selected mechanical seal or mechanical seal composition, high temperature oil pump manufacturer selected imported titanium metal seal, small and medium-sized heat-resistant mechanical seal and alloy materials, wear-resistant sealing, can efficiently increase the use of the period.

    -Easy installation and maintenance, no need to dismantle the pipeline road system software, all automotive low pressure oil pump motor rotor components only need to remove the pump coupling seat cap.

    Main uses of the commodity.

    -Transportation of oil, gasoline, diesel engines, organic solvents, vegetable oils being transported at a material temperature of -20°C to 120°C

    -Widely used with petrochemical plants, ports, ships, chemical plants, textile industry, environmental protection and other factories and mining enterprises

    -Metallurgical industry, chemical plants, textile industry, wood processing, paper industry and its restaurants, showers, hotels and other heating furnace high temperature boiling water to increase the pressure of the circulation system transport and residential heating circulation system in large cities with pumps, hydraulic electric oil pump application temperature 105 ℃ below

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