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QBK high pressure fuel pump manufacturer

2022-01-14 15:12:41

    Product Description.

    QBK Korakan Oil Pump The manufacturer introduces overseas technicality and incorporates many years of manufacturing work experience. The commodity has the advantages of a long service life and no easy interruptions. The electronic oil pump can nest liquidity and transport some substances that do not move easily, and has many of the advantages of self-priming pumps, submersible pumps, magnetic pumps, slurry pumps and sediment pumps and other conveying equipment.

    Commodity characteristics.

    -No need to fill the diversion channel, can be immersed in the substance in the work, suction range up to 5m, head up to 70m, inlet and outlet working pressure ≥ 6 bar.

    The flow range is wide, according to the characteristics, allowing according to the larger particles up to 10 mm in diameter. Minimal damage to the pump when the high-temperature, high-pressure oil pump sets sand slurry and residue.

    -The head and total flow rate can be adjusted infinitely according to the valve opening degree (standard air pressure adjustment in the middle of 1-7 bar).

    -The pump has no rotating components, no pump seal, and the diaphragm completely separates the material being transferred from the pump's fitness movement components and the workpiece material of the miniature pump, so that the material being transferred does not leak out easily.

    -No need to use electricity, in flammable, flammable and explosive occasions application can be trusted.

    -Easy to use, reliable at work, easy to open and close the gas valve.

    -Simple construction and few spare parts, the pump is easy to construct, easy to install and overhaul.

    -Viscous liquids (viscosity below 10,000 centipoise) can be transported.

    -This pump does not need to be wetted with cooking oil, even at high speed. There is no other harm to the pump, which is also the greater characteristic of this pump.

    The main uses of the product are.

    -A variety of toxic, flammable, volatile liquids

    -All kinds of waste water, concrete grouting and mortar

    -All kinds of natural materials, explosives, gunpowder

    -All kinds of liquids with unstable physical properties


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