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High pressure fuel pump manufacturers on the types of gear pumps

2022-01-14 15:27:36

    The gear pump is the driving force component of the hydraulic machine management system, which is driven by or motor, sucking in hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil cartridge, forming a working pressure oil discharge and sending it to the implementation of a component. The high pressure oil pump manufacturer is divided into gear oil pump, gear pump, axial piston pump and magnetic pump according to the structure. In the following I will introduce the types of Korak oil pump manufacturers and the basic principles of Korak oil pump manufacturers' work.

    Types of Gear Pumps

    1, gear pump: volume is smaller, the structure is simpler, the oil cleanliness plea is not tight, the price is cheaper; but the pump shaft is subject to the sense of imbalance, damage is not optimistic, leakage is relatively large.

    2, axial piston pump: divided into double actual effect axial piston pump and single actual effect axial piston pump. This kind of pump total flow proportional, work stable, noise is small, for work pressure and capacity output power than gear oil pump high, structure than gear oil pump confusion.

    3, gear pump: high capacity output power, small leakage, can work under high pressure, most used in the power of the hydraulic machine management system; but the structure is confusing, material and processing accuracy requirements, expensive, high demand for oil cleanliness.

    The basic working principle of gear pumps.

    The pump is a kind of heat transfer machine equipment, the rotation of the motor mechanical kinetic energy into hydraulic machine energy export. The Koran oil pump manufacturer is all about the basic principle of sealing capacity modification to carry out work, so it is usually called the capacity Koran oil pump manufacturer, Figure 2-l shows a single piston pump Koran oil pump manufacturer's working circuit schematic. The piston pump 2 is mounted in the cylinder head 3 to form a hermetic capacity a. The piston pump is consistently clamped to the rack 1 under the action of the taut spring 4. The transmission device pushes the rack 1 to rotate the piston pump 2 to make repeated movements, so that the size of the sealing capacity a is modified by regular replacement. When a by small increase in the composition of some vacuum pump, so that the hydraulic oil in the oil tank in the actual effect of atmospheric pressure, through the suction and transmission pipe top open throttle valve 6 into the oil cavity a and de-oiling。


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