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Working stroke: Automotive high pressure fuel pump

2022-01-14 17:06:47

    The oil injector works on the whole process is divided into three schedules, which are the oil removal schedule, the oil valve schedule and the oil valve stroke schedule. When the injector is on the de-oiling schedule, it relies on the hydraulic cylinder to descend to give adsorption, when the inlet pump is open, then it can generally de-oil.

    The oil valve schedule of the high pressure fuel pump is to allow the excess finished oil to return to the low pressure end again, so the leakage shut-off valve is open at the start of the hydraulic cylinder's upward run or so. When the working pressure exceeds the pressure in the oil rail, the transfer pump is opened and the finished oil is pumped to the oil rail. Injectors are often seen on - some cylinder direct injection engines, car with injector manufacturer cylinder direct injection engine injection pressure is higher, so it is imperative that the injector. There are many family cars or suv models are using direct injection engines, direct injection engine injectors, generally in the starter compartment.

    In-cylinder direct injection engines can make the finished oil thoroughly atomised, so that the finished oil can be mixed with the vapour in abundance. The high-pressure hydraulic oil pump corresponding to the direct-injection engine has a stronger propulsive force than the normal inlet injection engine. As a result, most of the new car engines will apply direct in-cylinder injection expertise. As the engine is working at a higher pressure in the cylinder, the direct injection engine must have a higher injection pressure, which generally requires an injector.

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