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Structural characteristics of automotive High pressure fuel pump

2022-01-14 17:10:06

       The high pressure manual test pump manufacturers its commodity role is to suck out the finished oil from the diesel fuel tank, flush the installation and then pass it to the supply pipeline, and the gas and diesel engine pressure control valves cooperate with each other to establish a certain finished oil pressure. The motor motor actually works in the finished oil in the hydraulic oil pump casing, no need to worry because there are no objects that can be ignited in the casing, the finished oil can lubricate and cool the finished oil motor, the oil outlet and inlet are equipped with inspection valves, the pressure limit switch is located in the pressure side of the gasoline pump casing with a safety outlet that leads into the inlet and outlet. The ultra-high pressure gas pump is suitable for transporting chemical substances such as diesel engine, light fuel oil, decompression residue oil, light fuel oil, etc. The price of high pressure oil pump for automobile engine is especially suitable for the burner in the pump of concrete mixing plant for road and bridge projects. High pressure oil pump is not suitable for transporting highly volatile or open flash point low liquid, such as ammonia, benzene, etc. When the motor back to rotate, the roller bearing is cohesive force to the force, like the rotating skeleton seal, the motor rotates, the pump works, draws in the finished oil from the inlet, and nestles the gasoline and diesel oil from the riser hole into the finished oil system, when the gasoline pump is closed, the check valve of the riser hole is closed to prevent the finished oil from flowing to the car tank according to the high-pressure oil pump, the brake pedal tube pressure maintained by the small high-pressure plunger pump check valve is called "residual pressure". If the high-pressure pump pressure exceeds the ordered pressure limit, the pressure limit switch opens the bypass valve to allow the finished oil to flow to the high-pressure pump inlet.

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