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High pressure fuel pump role,High pressure fuel pump manufacturer to analyze

2022-01-14 17:13:31

    The function of the petrol pump is to give each diesel pump and cold start injection pump the necessary finished oil. There are two types of electric petrol pumps used in electronic component-controlled petrol injection systems, namely the vortex lift type electric petrol pump and the vane type electric petrol pump. In the vortex lift type electric petrol pump, one end of the pump casing is the inlet and the other end is the oil bubble hole. Into the oil inlet side of the vortex rod pump by the pump casing right in the middle of the promotion of electric motor quickly promote. The high pressure diesel pump's electric motor load ground is installed in the pump body, the vortex rod is installed in the motor's concave groove.

    The oil pump discharge inlet has a book of goods to stop the finished oil from flowing back into the diesel tank when the pump is not in operation, in order to maintain the finished oil pressure after the engine has been put on standby, which is beneficial for operation again. The oil pressure buffer at the outlet is used to reduce the vapour pressure pulsation and operating noise at the outlet. This type of oil pump can achieve a relatively large oil valve pressure of 0.45MPa or more. If the vapour pressure on the side of the oil pump bubble hole is too high due to the blockage of the petrol filter and other reasons, the pressure reducing valve which is integrated with the high pressure gear oil pump is topped off, so that part of the steam and diesel engine returns to the side of the inlet to maintain the electric petrol pump. When the oil pump rotates, due to the role of cohesion, the roller bearing of the electric motor acid wash tank moves outward, immediately on the load scheme design of the pump body attached layer. In addition, under the action of the moment of inertia, the volute stays close to one side of the motor's concave groove, thus causing several working upper chambers. Oil pump manufacturers work in the whole process, into the oil inlet side of the work on the cavity volume expansion, into a low-pressure suction cavity, gasoline through the inlet into the oil inlet into the work on the cavity. The volume of the working upper chamber on the side of the oil hole decreases and becomes a high pressure oil chamber, and the high pressure gasoline is discharged from the pressure oil chamber through the oil hole.

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