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Is it likely that the cars high-pressure fuel pump will be over-modified?

2022-01-14 17:41:19

    High pressure oil pumps produce this type of condition as the pump will continue to move a relatively large amount of lubricating fluid along with the RPM of the car engine. For many years, hotshot and professional racers have long incorporated this type of regulation, gaining different levels of success. It is very labour intensive due to the amount of wetting that must be given to the car engine in both. There are many temperatures (from below to over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit) and many requirements. Is it likely that a high pressure oil pump will be over-modified?

    For the most part, the oil pumps in the process plant are only made to be used when there are high regulations for the module in the event that we do not consider raising the total flow rate, the working pressure level or both at the same time. The pumps are likely to be over-modified and to have too much automotive oil underwater concrete when the working pressure is too high. "When it comes to boosting the working pressure and/or total flow, it in fact lies with the car engine, its pre-determined EFI high pressure oil pump main use, which clearance I give it and which car oil system software I am applying. Every car engine is different and the type and viscosity of the car oil will vary. The key to this is that the large rolling bearing clearances must be larger than the volume of pressure to encourage wetting. Therefore, if you increase the rolling bearing clearance and only increase the volume rather than the volume, then the fact of the increase is likely to cause the oil to leak. In the absence of time for lubrication, go over the important areas that must be lubricated. More volume must be compared to occupy these lifted voids rather than working pressure. Another difficulty for the oil pump manufacturer in Ningbo operating a very powerful oil pump is the fact that it makes the engine oil sump do it. "If the rate of the drainage pipe of the oil sump goes past the rate of the drainage back to the oil sump, the pump is able to dry out on its own. At the Bonneville Salt Flats, we all ran into a problem because the high pressure oil pump pressure for the most part everyone was in a full throttle pedal situation, constantly for 5 miles, and the oil pump was very large (moved a lot) would drain the engine oil sump before the oil sump".

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